I have a problem with the tool for the migration of data. My old magento use end my new magento use 2.1.

Actually, my column purchase date are transformed with strange differences.

I verified the configuration in my php.ini!All is well. I don't know what i can do to solve the problem.

in documentation, it is said

The Data Migration Tool has special handler \Migration\Handler\Timezone for transforming time to a different time zone. Using it you can change time for some fields of database. These fields can be specified in your map.xml file with offset parameter.

Then I looked in the file map.xml. i think it need to copy this code :

<transform> <field>cms_page.root_template</field> <handler class="\Migration\Handler\Convert"> <param name="map" value="[one_column:1column;two_columns_left:2columns-left;two_columns_right:2columns-right;three_columns:3columns]" /> </handler> </transform>

but i don't know what are fields i must change, and what do I have to change in section param?

i thank you for your help.

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