Ho to show the categories filter in the left sidebar in the categories pages similar to search results page? I have enabled the left sidebar template for categories apges but it only shows the price filters.

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There are a few things that must be configured in order to activate an attribute in the category layered navigation (left side category filter).

First, the Is Anchor setting on the Display Settings tab must be set to Yes for each category that you would like to show within the layered navigation. Is Active must also be set to Yes as well to ensure the category is active.

Set category Is Anchor to yes.

Set category to active.

Second, the Use in Layered Navigation setting must be set to one of the filterable options (either Filterable (with results) or Filterable (no results)) for any product attribute you would like to use as a filter on the category pages.

Set attribute to one of the filterable options for layered navigation.

Once you have saved your category and attribute settings, you need to Update Magento Indexes (including attributes) and Clear Magento Cache.


You can look at this Question it may help to you .


also you can install below extension which allow you category filter


Hope this will help you or solve your concern


Go to Catalog --> Manage categories, select a category you want to check and make sure that

  1. Include in Navigation Menu in General tab is set to Yes
  2. Category Is Active
  3. On Display tab, Is Anchor is set to Yes.

Reorganize index Category Flat Data and flush cache.

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