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In which file can I just add HTML to add content to the footer, only using the luma theme

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The guide below is based on you not having any cms block yet for this.

  1. Go to Content -> Blocks
  2. Create a new block (button: Add New Block)
    • Enable: Yes
    • Block Title: Footer Links Block
    • Identifier: footer_links_block
    • Store view: whatever is appropriate for your installation
    • Content: just put some content here
  3. Save
  4. Go to Content -> Widgets
  5. Create a new widget (button: Add Widget)
    • Type: CMS Static Block
    • Design Theme: Your theme
  6. Click Continue
  7. Configure Storefront Properties
    • Widget Title: Footer Links
    • Assign to Store Views: whatever is appropriate for your installation
  8. Click Add Layout Update
  9. Display on: All Pages
  10. Container: CMS Footer Links
  11. Click on the Widget Options tab
  12. Click on the button Select Block
  13. Select your block: Footer Links Block
  14. Click on Save (top right orange button)
  15. Refresh caches

Reload your frontend. You should now see the content of your Footer Links Block.


Your theme may support blocks, check the documentation.

Alternatively, you can add customer HTML to your footer here:

System > Configuration > General > Design > Footer


You can do this in the backend:

Content -> Block -> Footer Links Block

  • Don't have any blocks in the backend
    – Bob123
    Aug 26, 2016 at 13:56

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