I'm working on implementing a payment gateway using the sample code from Magento github on my Magento 2.1 site.

For some reason, Magento does not seems to use the new functions I added to ..payment/method-renderer/sample_method.js. Let's say I have a function called getAwesomeInfo() that will return "hello world" string, I got the error function is not defined when I tried to add it to ../template/payment/form.html

So far I have checked the following:

  1. .../view/frontend/layout/checkout_index_index.html, and confirm that include the payment component file. If I try to change the path, the site will throw error 500.
  2. However, when I tried to edit the component file .../payment/sample_gateway.js and .../payment/method-renderer/sample_gateway.js, it doesn't seem to do anything. It's as if Magento either ignore the file or look up the javascript code from any else.
  3. The site is currently on development mode. I have tried to disable cache and rebuild the static content, but that didn't seem to have any effect.

I may have missed something here. Any advise would be appreciate.

Thank you very much.

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Well i am assuming that you are editing the the method renderer js file in the module folder. If you are doing this then you have to run the setup:static-content:deploy command to reflect your changes.

Magento takes js, css and other assets from pub folder. You can find the same file on this path \pub\static\frontend\your_theme\default\en_US\Magento_SamplePaymentGateway\js\view\payment\method-renderer\sample_method.js

You can edit the same file to reflect the changes instantly and finally put the same file inside the module directory for future deployment. Hope this will help.

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