We have a Magento site that works perfectly on our development server, but when deployed to production, throws errors that it can't find custom module classes (Mage_Ultimo_Helper_Cssgen is one example, it should be looking for Infortis_Ultimo_Helper_Cssgen), but the admin throws an error looking for another class).

The production setup is load balanced between two servers and the code is located on a shard NFS mount. Permissions are set 755 for directories and 644 for files, and the owner is set to the apache user. I have confirmed that all the files are present and the module XML file is present as well.


In past,your system had a 3rd party module named [SomeCompanyName]_Ultimo.

That module have a helper class [SomeCompanyName]_Ultimo_Helper_Cssgen.

That module's class has been called using Mage::helper('ultimo/cssgen').

May be in your files the code Mage::helper('ultimo/cssgen') exists. Due to that reason you are getting this error.

Or, may be magento compiler is enabled in your system. After disabling this module, you did not re-run compiler. You should re-run compiler if it is enabled.

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