Is there something controlling reviews, wishlist and send to friend at a higher level than the admin control? A former dev removed the wishlist, reviews, send to a friend feature of the product page and didn't leave and code annotations as to the changes.

I've checked the System>Config>Advanced for my store view and all three are enabled fully. I've checked for Customers>Wishlist and its good to go.

There are a few reviews that were submitted, so clearly it worked to a point. Reviews and ratings is what I'm after here.

I've checked view.phtml & list.phtml and nothing is commented out. All mentions of 'review' in the code seem nominal.

Sample affected page

Should I be looking somewhere else for this? Surely he commented this out or worst case removed it! I can't find the exact location of where this could have been removed. Any guidance down the file path would be great!

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There are numerous ways that they could be removed:

  • Removed with theme. check the active theme's local.xml layout file for <remove> or <action method="unsetChild"> calls
  • Removed by editing XML. Check wishlist.xml. Compare it to the same file found in app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/wishlist.xml. Look for telltale signs of removal there (comments, deleted nodes). These changes could be in the base/default package or in the currently configured theme package
  • Removed by deleting the layout files themselves. Check to see if the file wishlist.xml even exists. If it's missing it's likely that maybe the source of trouble.
  • Disabled in Admin. Perhaps the module output is disabled in System > Config > Advanced
  • Hidden via CSS. Perhaps they didn't remove it, but they hid it?

There are so many ways to do things in Magento that it may take some time investigating.

Best of luck.

  • Uggg. Thanks for the leads. Local.xml looks clean. Wishlist, review.xml look clean as well. Nothing commented out and code matches base. I checked local.xml, and base/default as well. Nada. Admin is all enabled and I checked all store views. Something is blocking the output of these three.
    – Qozmiq
    Commented Aug 23, 2016 at 19:40

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