I am new in magento I want to duplicate all products and categories from one store to another store e.g

store 1

category 1 -> product 1

Store 2

category 1 (duplicate) -> product 1 (duplicate)

I have searched alot but did not found any solution kindly help me on this. Plus I found one extension https://amasty.com/duplicate-categories.html It duplicates all categories but not sure duplicate the products or not. May be it just assign one product to multiple categories.
Help much appreciated. :)


I don't know of anything that will do this in admin. There is this code to duplicate products programmatically.

I think your best bet would be to export your products using Magento's standard export functionality, manipulate in something like Open Office (Excel can sometimes cause line-ending issues) so that SKUs are unique and website or store is changed. This can then be reimported. I would suggest trying a small number of rows including a configurable product first!

The neatest option of using the same products with different products you've seemingly realised is not possible, as stock in Magento 1 (and indeed in Magento 2 CE) is global. Although there is some stub code and database columns suggesting otherwise, the ability to maintain stock separately for different websites or stores does not exist.

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