I have setup two websites, http://www.firstsite.com and http://www.secondsite.com on one server using apache virtualhost.

The issue is when I login to http://www.secondsite.com/index.php/admin I can edit but not save the changes. If i try to save it redirects back to http://www.secondsite.com

Note: If i delete the var/cache then I able to save the changes. But i have to keep doing this every time.

Anyone know where the issue might lie? Or maybe point me in the right direction?

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I figured out the problem in case someone has a similar issue in the future.

In short the problem has nothing to do with having two sites running under apache virtualhost. The solution is: go to magento database--->core_config_data and search for secure and unsecure base url. In my case mysecondsite.com was missing "www". Changing this to www.mysecondsite.com fixed the issues mentioned above.

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