I have a need to show products and count in header.phtml file [Magento_Theme/templates/html/header.phtml] file.

How to access those products count and data staying in header.phtml file.

What i tried :


Count the item collection from helper:


Retrieve compare list url:


If we want to retrieve more information about items, we can build your own. A good sample here:


 public function getSectionData()
        $count = $this->helper->getItemCount();
        return [
            'count' => $count,
            'countCaption' => $count == 1 ? __('1 item') : __('%1 items', $count),
            'listUrl' => $this->helper->getListUrl(),
            'items' => $count ? $this->getItems() : [],

Additionally, we also can get the compare list from the local storage: localStorage.getItem('mage-cache-storage')

JSON format:

Compare items on local storage

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    I have used your code but that is not working on catalog, cms & product page for me in case of guest user. but for compare page , cart page and checkout page it's working. Please help me. – Balwant Singh Aug 4 at 17:38

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