I am using magento 1.9.2 It not sending order and other emails from the system. I setup in the following way,

Admin -> System -> Configuration -> Advanced -> System

enter image description here

Admin -> System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Sales Emails enter image description here

Like the same way same settings for all sales emails.

After this I set a cron job on my cpanel to send every 5 mints.

Cpanel Cron Job

enter image description here

These settings all done. But no emails send. Do I need any other settings ? How can I send emails ?

  • Did you try simple mail function check mail is going or not – Magento 2 Aug 20 '16 at 6:31
  • check mail and magento logs – MagenX Aug 20 '16 at 6:56
  • @MagenX Email is not getting. which log file is to be checked ? – Vinod VT Aug 20 '16 at 7:32
  • magento: /home/?/public_html/var/log/* mail: /var/log/exim_mainlog or /var/log/exim_rejectlog cron log: /var/log/cron – MagenX Aug 20 '16 at 8:07
  • @MagenX on var/log folder only two files exception.log and system.log – Vinod VT Aug 20 '16 at 8:14

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