I am working on the configurable product view page.

I want to add an event to check if all options are checked before an AJAX call.

I tried a solution like this to override the widget Magento_Swatches/js/SwatchRenderer, but failed. When I clicked or I chose an option, it didn't execute my custom function.

Do you have some advise for my problem and how should i do it?

Did I forgot something?


I found my problem, this is my soluytion.

], function( $, _ ){
    'use strict';

    $.widget( "mage.SwatchRenderer", $.mage.SwatchRenderer, {
        _init: function () {
            console.log( "custom init" );
            return this._super( );
        _OnClick: function ($this, $widget) {
            console.log( "Custome click" );
            return this._super( $this, $widget );

    return $.mage.SwatchRenderer;

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