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I have two types of Newsletter Subscription. One is the default, wherein after a user subscribes, the page will reload and the message will be displayed at the top. Another one is AJAX in a Modal, wherein after subscribing, the page won't reload but the message will not appear. It does subscribe the user because I can see it on Newsletter -> Newsletter Subscribers at the admin panel.

I want it to appear inside the modal without refreshing the page, and it won't appear again at the top like the default ones when a user refreshes the page.

Is this possible? Thank you!

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I managed to make it work by manually adding the message directly on a hidden <div> that gets displayed/showed when the Ajax submit is successful. That <div> is just below the <form>'s end tag.

This is the code for the message:

<div class="form-success" id="successForm">
  <ul class="messages">
    <li class="success-msg">
        <li>Thank you for your subscription.</li>

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