I have created a cron that in configured date enables or disables some CMS blocks.

It works fine only for disabling action and not for enabling. It's so strange because I call the same method:

Mage::getModel('cms/block')->setStoreId($storeId)->load($block)->setData('is_active', 1)->save();

to enable DOESN'T WORK

Mage::getModel('cms/block')->setStoreId($storeId)->load($block)->setData('is_active', 0)->save();

to disable WORKS

What is wrong?


Try this and let me know it its work :

Mage::getModel('cms/block')->load($block)->setData('is_active', 1)->save();


Mage::getModel('cms/block')->getCollection()->addFieldToFilter('identifier','my_block_id')->addStoreFilter($store, true)->load()->setData('content', 'Example content')->save();
  • Thanks for your help but the first advice works but I need to load block for specific store; the second one doesn't work. Meanwhile I discovered a strange behavior: trying to load a block for a store $cms_block = Mage::getModel('cms/block')->setStoreId($storeId)->load($blocks_to_active[$row]); and printing it I obtain two different array. If the block is enabled the result is an array full of information ([block_id], [title], [is_active] etc.) but if the block is disabled these data are not available. So, how can I load the info for a disasbled CMS block? – WaPoNe Aug 17 '16 at 13:43
    $cmsBlock = Mage::getModel('cms/block')->getCollection()
        ->addFieldToFilter('identifier', $identifier)

You need to use a collection to safely load cms blocks in Magento 1 (and 2 IIRC).

This is because Mage_Cms_Model_Resource_Block::_getLoadSelect does an is_active=1 check if you try and load it by store scope.

protected function _getLoadSelect($field, $value, $object)
    $select = parent::_getLoadSelect($field, $value, $object);

    if ($object->getStoreId()) {
        $stores = array(
            (int) $object->getStoreId(),

            array('cbs' => $this->getTable('cms/block_store')),
            $this->getMainTable().'.block_id = cbs.block_id',
        )->where('is_active = ?', 1)
        ->where('cbs.store_id in (?) ', $stores)
        ->order('store_id DESC')

    return $select;

Using a collection allows you to bypass this hardcoded load select filtering.

Using a collection to load the CMS block does not trigger all the same observers etc that you would expect, so if you are planning on calling $cmsBlock->save() at the end of your modifications you will have to be sure to re-attach the store information.

$cmsBlock->setData('foo', 'bar');
$existingStoreIds = Mage::getModel('cms/block')->getResource()->lookupStoreIds($cmsBlock->getId());
$cmsBlock->setData('stores', $existingStoreIds);

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