Sorry if this is covered elsewhere or glaringly simple. In error, my client has ended up with three entries under Admin/CatalogGoogle Sitemap

3 /sitemap/sitemap.xml
2 /sitemap.xml
1 /sitemap.xml

1 & 2 are as you can see both the same and attempting to write to sitemap.xml in the root which has insufficient permissions. We want to use just the first (/sitemap/sitemap.xml) file but can't find how to delete the other 2 as there's no delete option in Admin/Catalog/Google Sitemap. It's causing cronjob issues as the jobs for the 2 in the root are running infinitely.

Thanks in advance

  • Thank you Shabbir Couldn't see it for looking. Aug 17 '16 at 8:58

You can see the Delete Option when you go to edit mode of sitemap.Sitemap Delete Option

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