In admin > configuration > General > Web > Session Cookie Management one can set the Cookie Lifetime.

They don't seem to work correctly.

I've been trying to fix them forever. In FireFox "Firebug I think", anyway, has settings to Delete Domain Cookies, Delete Path Cookies, Delete Session Cookies.

What kind of cookies is Magento admin referring to?

I've tried adding Mage::Log('Starting session without name', Zend_Log::WARN, 'COOKIE_SESSION.log'); to Mage/Core/Model/Session/Abstract/Varien.php Then disabling all modules but still was getting Starting session with out name in my log file so I installed a fresh installation of magento and add the above code and even on a fresh install was getting Starting session without name in the log file. So I guess Magento adds sessions without a name by default.

If it's not working on the back end it's probably not working correctly on the front end. I thought about getting this Module Admin Keep Alive but it probably won't fix the issue in the front end.

How can I diagnose the problem?


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