I want to create a custom newsletter subscription using Magento

Currently, I have one newsletter subscription that captures emails and stores it in Newsletter -> Newsletter Subscribers.

I want to create another one that stores it in the same location. This time, when the users subscribe on the new one, it will popup a modal.

Is this possible or is there any other way around for this? Thank you.

EDIT: If possible, is it possible to execute/submit the subscription via Ajax? I think this would solve my problem but I don't know how to write it in Ajax.

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I managed to make it work by using this code from here.

I tweaked the code to fit my current code structure. First, my form has an ID of newsletter-ajax.

Here's what I did with the JavaScript Ajax Code:

  1. Declare this variables var formId = 'newsletter-ajax'; var myForm = new VarienForm(formId, true); var postUrl = "/newsletter/subscriber/new";
  2. Create the ajax function function doAjax() { if (myForm.validator.validate()) { new Ajax.Updater( { success:'formSuccess' }, postUrl, { method:'post', asynchronous:true, evalScripts:false, onComplete:function(request, json) { Element.hide(formId); Element.show('formSuccess'); }, onLoading:function(request, json){ Element.show('formLoader'); }, parameters: $(formId).serialize(true), } ); } }

  3. Create the event observer new Event.observe(formId, 'submit', function(e){ e.stop(); doAjax(); });

Do note that these codes should be inside a <script> tag (pretty sure everyone knows this).

Read more about how I did it at twincreations from the link above.

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