I want to have a 15% discount on all products in my "last chance" category. How do I do that? I tried making a rule, but nothing happens in the store.

Thanks :-)

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You can create Catalog Price rule under Promotions & try as below image Under Conditions , replace 283 by "last chance" category id....

enter image description here

Under Actions,

enter image description here

Under Rule information, make sure you selected required "customer groups", "Date settings"

  • Thank you! This worked! Only problem, the sale price is marked as "wholesale price" in the store, not "sale price".
    – Siri F
    Commented Aug 17, 2016 at 12:46

Yes, sure. Set condition (second tab) to has products from category last chance and then set actions (third tab) to apply 15% discount on related products.

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