We are normaly sharing source code with others using version controlling system. Is there any way to sharing database changes/admin changes with others using version controlling system or any other system? I'm using magento 2.1 and svn



for database versioning you can use any of these tools:

Supports code branching and merging
Supports multiple developers
Supports multiple database types
Supports XML, YAML, JSON and SQL formats
Supports context-dependent logic
Cluster-safe database upgrades
Generate Database change documentation
Generate Database "diffs"
Run through your build process, embedded in your application or on demand
Automatically generate SQL scripts for DBA code review
Does not require a live database connection

admin loggers example:


Track all backend actions performed by store administrators. View detailed log history and monitor login attempts on a handy grid. Track admin actions in a real-time mode to easily improve admin users' performance.

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