After upgrading my magento 2.0.7 to magento 2.1.0 via ssh. I encountered this error. enter image description here

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I also had this error after upgrading to 2.1, I've managed to fix it by adding the below code to the bottom of the _popups.less within my theme.

I took the code from lib/web/css/source/lib/_popups.less, it isn't best practice to duplicate this mixin in this way but it's the only fix I'm aware of.

// Fix bug from Luma theme
//  Popup close button use icon
) when (@_popup-button-close-icon = true) {
        @_icon-font-content: @_popup-icon-font-content,
        @_icon-font: @_popup-icon-font,
        @_icon-font-size: @_popup-icon-font-size,
        @_icon-font-line-height: @_popup-icon-font-line-height,
        @_icon-font-color: @_popup-icon-font-color,
        @_icon-font-color-hover: @_popup-icon-font-color-hover,
        @_icon-font-color-active: @_popup-icon-font-color-active,
        @_icon-font-margin: @_popup-icon-font-margin,
        @_icon-font-vertical-align: @_popup-icon-font-vertical-align,
        @_icon-font-position: @_popup-icon-font-position,
        @_icon-font-text-hide: @_popup-icon-font-text-hide

//  Popup close button reset
._lib-popup-button-close-reset (
) when (@_popup-button-close-reset = true) {
  • Hi Ben thanks for your solution. I'll try this one on my site. but as I've observed magento 2.1 has many bugs. Aug 16, 2016 at 0:51
  • There's always been bugs in Magento, I think there is just more to go wrong with Magento 2 :(
    – Ben Crook
    Aug 16, 2016 at 8:17
  • Yeah :( I just used my backup copy of my site magento 2.0.7, I'll just wait till they fix the bugs in magento 2.1.0 :( sad life :( Aug 16, 2016 at 9:35

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