During checkout, I get a long list of "€0" for my shipping methods: shipping methods

However, in the admin panel, I enabled only the fixed shipment option and set it to €5 per order.

I'm using Magento 2.0.8.

Nothing happens when I click the "next" button to proceed to payment.

I have no JS errors, neither I find errors in var/reports.

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You may check our answer to your question here:

I'll copy-page the massage just in a case:

If after entering address details your checkout looks somewhat like this:

enter image description here

... most likely the reason why the issue occurs is because your service doesn't provide the correct response to the estimate-shipping-methods query.

You can check what the server response in the browser console:

enter image description here

The inability of Magento 2 to process cases with invalid JSON in a server response makes the script put a high load on the browser (it just gets in a loop). Plus, the script creates a big amount of "s_method_undefined_undefined" methods ("undefined" means that when sending a query, no response was received, since the object is empty).

In most cases, the issue was caused by the absence of these php.ini settings:

date.timezone = America/New_York
always_populate_raw_post_data = -1

Right after you add them, the checkout should start working as expected.

enter image description here

Most likely, a similar issue can occur because of other missing php settings -- they can trigger errors when executing the code.

Also, most likely, disabling error display (magento deploy:mode:set production) will let you avoid such behaviour at the checkout step.


proposal : check for promotions for this error.

Magento ver. 2.2.5 admin panel. "Marketing > Promotions > Cart Price Rulse"

you can get the error if the cargo is to be in cart price rules.

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