Scenario: A Magento 1.7 store which has NO default values at all for some product attributes (like short_description). There is no entry in catalog_product_entity_text for store_view==0. (Even NO entry with NULL)

(Background: The product attribute values are generated programmatically from some external source. Without any store_view 0 values. For whatever reason.)

Problem: The (well defined) product attribute value of the non-default store_view (e.g. store_view 2) is not visible in catalog product list.

Workaround: The store_view 2 value is displayed if we define a value for store_view 0 in catalog_product_entity_text. (E.g. NULL)

Following comment mentions a bug in "older" Magento versions: Programmatically changed attribute is not visible on frontend (product list)

Also the indexer does not work: The attribute's value in catalog_product_flat_2 table is null.

Question: Is there any solution to allow empty or not defined store_view 0 product attribute values on "older" Magento versions?

(Of course "used_in_product_listing" is set to 1. And backend_type of the attribute short_description is "text".)

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