How can I configure MAGMI for my site, and how to use it for the bulk images import, and products.


you can follow this link for complete information from scratch to configuration, uploading & then you can enter the SKU in one column & image name in another column and upload the excel sheet.

enter image description here


Add Below Data To Your Import Data Array

$importData['image'] = "https://wow.olympus.eu/webfile/img/1632/oly_testwow_stage.jpg";
$importData['image_label'] =  "base Image label";

$importData['small_image'] = "https://wow.olympus.eu/webfile/img/1632/oly_testwow_stage.jpg";
$importData['small_image_label'] = "small Image label";

$importData['thumbnail'] = "https://wow.olympus.eu/webfile/img/1632/oly_testwow_stage.jpg";
$importData['thumbnail_label'] = "Thumbnail Image label";

$importData['media_gallery'] = "https://cdn.hackernoon.com/hn-images/0*xMaFF2hSXpf_kIfG.jpg::TestImage1;https://images.sftcdn.net/images/t_app-cover-l,f_auto/p/befbcde0-9b36-11e6-95b9-00163ed833e7/260663710/the-test-fun-for-friends-screenshot.jpg::testImage2"

Note: Image attributes processor must be check (ON) from magmi setting in your Magmi Profile.

enter image description here

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