I'm running

I have a product attribute which is a simple yes/no value. All products either have this set to yes or no.

I'm trying to use this attribute in conjunction with a Catalog Price Rule.

The attribute itself is set to "use for promo rule conditions".

The Catalog Price Rule is a simple percentage discount, if the attribute is set to "yes". There are no date restrictions and I have checked the customer groups and all the other rule settings

I have saved it and applied it, with the expected "applied successfully" message from Magento.

I have cleared the cache and the index.

When I go to the front end, nothing has changed.

The discount rule works fine when using any other attribute but it simply does nothing when using my custom attribute.

Screenshots... www.whitehorsebooks.co.uk/one.png www.whitehorsebooks.co.uk/two.png www.whitehorsebooks.co.uk/three.png


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