I am not that much aware of API. I have created REST Roles and OAuth Consumers. After that i have created New user and assign that role to that user.

I know that I need to create one php or xml file.

But I don't know how to start and where to start.

I need to create API for following cases for third-party app:

1... Product Master

1) Fetching the product data from E-comm site.
-> First time the product information from the E-commerce site will be downloaded using the service in 3rd Party app database.

2) Product management.
-> Product will be directly downloaded and cloned into the database of 3rd Party app CMS. Manually 3rd Party app will map the products with the categories.

3) Service call identification
-> Service call identification to be done with the timestamp. Every time when 3rd Party app requests the product data will pass the timestamp sent by the E-commerce site from previous call. Using this E-commerce site will identify which products were shared in last call and will only pass the updates post last timestamp.

2... Order Request

1) Order processing
-> 3rd Party app will complete the order processing along with the payment on app. Service call will be made to E-commerce site indicating that respective order has been placed for x products.

2) Order log
-> 3rd Party app will store the log of each order for future reference.

3... Order Tracking

1) Order tracking
-> Once the order is processed at E-comm site (received from the 3rd party app) E-commerce site should consume the service provided by the 3rd party app to share the tracing information along with mail body.

2) Sharing tracking information with buyer
-> 3rd party app will be sharing the information received using the service on email as a notification to the user.

3) Manual tracking
-> 3rd party app user may choose to check the delivery status real-time using the app.

Please help or give some useful hint asap.

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