I am new with magento and odoo. I want to use magento2 for frontend and odoo for backend. I have serached all over google and youtube.

how to integrate magento2 and odoo ?

But I did not get any good tutorial or installation guide.

Can you provide me some tutorial or guide ?

I am using ubuntu server 16.04 lts (only cli).

Running on windows machine server ip.


Do you try use Official documentation.

Odoo connector currently do not support Magento 2. See: https://apps.openerp.com/apps/modules/8.0/magentoerpconnect/

Support Magento 1.7+ (not 2.x), the support of earlier versions should be easy to add, the connector framework being designed to handle multiple versions with ease.

See https://github.com/OCA/connector-magento/issues/211 to track process of development version for m2

  • i did not find any connector there. – Phoenix Aug 8 '16 at 14:20
  • what i do now please help me ? i didnot find any help in provided link – Phoenix Aug 8 '16 at 14:37
  • Maybe you ask for installation guide for oddo connector? – KAndy Aug 8 '16 at 15:10
  • i have odoo v9 . – Phoenix Aug 8 '16 at 15:15
  • so i cannot connect magento2 and odoo v9 yet ? – Phoenix Aug 8 '16 at 15:23

You can try Odoo - Magento 2 Connector which will help you to integrate your Magento 2 with Odoo V9.

  1. Configure multiple magento globals together in single odoo
  2. Dashboard
  3. Import customer groups, customers, product categories, Products, product Images, Attributes, Attributes Options, Attribute sets, Attribute groups From Magento 2 to Odoo.
  4. Payment Method configuration
  5. Manage multi currency orders.
  6. Tax configuration
  7. Product stock Export configuration (actual and fixed) 8 Magento 2 instance wise auto schedule Jobs configuration and setup
  8. Log details for every transaction between Odoo and Magento 2
  9. Sales & Invoice Analysis Report
  10. Export attributes, attributes option, attribute groups, attribute sets, product category, products and product images from Odoo to Magento 2.
  11. Product Export with custom attributes. (create, update and delete in magento)
  12. Export multiple product in with multiple website link
  13. Export multiple product image (create, update and delete in magento)
  14. Import order with payment
  15. Import order with shipment
  16. Export shipment (partial and complete shipment)
  17. Export shipment with tracking number
  18. Export Customer invoice
  19. Auto Workflow Configuration
  20. Auto Register Payment

For more information you can visit : Odoo - Magento 2 Connector

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