If there is two category for example say category A and category B and they are attributes with name size and color and i wanted to add color in cat-A as well as cat-B but " In filters of cat-A it should show " Delight Colors " and in cat-B it should show " Beautiful Colors " " but the colors remains the same only the name in the header changes.

So will i have to add different attribute for both categories A and B. Like Beautiful colors attribute for category A and Delight colors attribute for category B OR Question: Should i only add colors as the main category.? Answer: If yes,than how to assign the name delight and beautiful to colors.

KINDLY CHECK THE IMAGE ![3 Different categories with different name but all the colors are same ]1

3 Different categories with different name but all the colors are same

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Please use one color but where your color showing code use condition with category id if category A then display "Delight Colors" and category B " Beautiful Colors "

like you want to display different title based on category like put this condition

category A ID ->3  
category B ID ->5
category c ID ->6

So in design check like below code

if($categoryid == 3){
 echo 'saree color';
}else if($categoryid == 5) {
  echo 'Kurta color';
}else if($categoryid == 5) {
  echo 'Lehenga color';

Please use this code and if not understand please add your code i will explain where you need to change.

  • Can you please elaborate and be more specific i am unable to get you, Aug 7, 2016 at 14:03

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