I have Magento 1.7 and whenever I add a configurable product to cart it instead adds the simple parent product with the simple product price as well. I've read a bunch of posts with people doing the opposite if possible I would want to do this without an extension. Anyone else have a similar problem?

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There might be a misunderstanding, there is no such thing as a "simple parent product" . If you don't use any extensions for configurable products (like "Simple Configurable Products" or "Better Configurable Products"), adding configurables to cart works like this:

  • technically, two items are added to the cart:

    1. the configurable product itself, as parent item
      • the configuration is saved as custom option
      • the price is determined based on configurable product price + option price
      • this is the item you see in the cart
    2. the selected simple product, as child item
      • this item is not visible in the cart
  • when placing the order, stock is decreased for the child item.

If there's still something unclear, please update the question with more details what you expect or what you don't understand.

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