I have DHL Details for Shipping Method.

In admin Showing Two DHL shipping Methods DHL (Deprecated) and DHL.

So Please Suggest me Which one I should Configure.

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    I would say the one that's not deprecated, but I don't have an explanation for it. – Marius Aug 5 '16 at 12:57
  • I Thought also Same But I Need to Know Difference Between Them. – SURENDER SINGH Aug 5 '16 at 12:59
  • Any Suggestion Please :) – SURENDER SINGH Aug 5 '16 at 13:38

After the release of Magento CE 1.8.1, a new DHL Shipping Method started to be used, but the old one (DHL Deprecated) is still available in the admin panel.

This link here explain how to use the DHL Deprecated if you want to. (The page is big, so search for "deprecated" or go to the section "Changes in this release").

I would suggest you to use the new DHL method since is the newer version. I am not sure about the "code" differences in the backend, but this is the one supported by Magento now (the deprecated was removed from their manual) as you can see in this link


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