We just migrated our webshop to a new domain.

Now, whenever an order is placed, the order does show up in the admin dashboard graph as order, but doesn't show op in the amounts tab. Also revenue is displayed as 0.

The transaction is not canceled, we have received the money and the order status was processing and is now shipped. Before the migration, everything worked like a charm.

We also upgraded from magento to

I tried the aggregated data setting, it is set to no. The google api is correct in Graph.php. I also tried the getChartUrl from false to true, but no luck there.

Anybody have any suggestions?

  • If you process it to "completed" state, it may be considered in the amounts? – nicolallias Oct 12 '16 at 12:58

Have you tried refreshing the reports statistics?

You can do it by Navigating to "Reports->Refresh Statistics" on admin panel.

Hope it will help.


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I think the money was not capture. Check in the invoice tab of one order and see if the order is pending or compleate. If its pending check if the payment was captured.

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