I've created a custom module to display category thumbnail image. I've read magento dev doc It is displayed in my category section using category_form.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<form xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"
    <fieldset name="content">
        <field name="thumbnail">
            <argument name="data" xsi:type="array">
                <item name="config" xsi:type="array">
                    <item name="dataType" xsi:type="string">string</item>
                    <item name="source" xsi:type="string">category</item>
                    <item name="label" xsi:type="string" translate="true">Thumbnail Image</item>
                    <item name="visible" xsi:type="boolean">true</item>
                    <item name="formElement" xsi:type="string">fileUploader</item>
                    <item name="elementTmpl" xsi:type="string">ui/form/element/uploader/uploader</item>
                    <item name="previewTmpl" xsi:type="string">Magento_Catalog/image-preview</item>
                    <item name="required" xsi:type="boolean">false</item>
                    <item name="sortOrder" xsi:type="number">30</item>
                    <item name="uploaderConfig" xsi:type="array">
                        <item name="url" xsi:type="url" path="categorylist/category_thumbnailimage/upload"/>

when i upload image i showing following error

1 exception(s):
Exception #0 (BadMethodCallException): Missing required argument $baseTmpPath of Magento\Catalog\Model\ImageUploader.

Exception #0 (BadMethodCallException): Missing required argument $baseTmpPath of Magento\Catalog\Model\ImageUploader.

my controller file is


namespace Company\Categorylist\Controller\Adminhtml\Category\Thumbnailimage;

use Magento\Framework\Controller\ResultFactory;

 * Class Upload
class Upload extends \Magento\Backend\App\Action
    protected $baseTmpPath;
     * Image uploader
     * @var \Magento\Catalog\Model\ImageUploader
    protected $imageUploader;

     * Upload constructor.
     * @param \Magento\Backend\App\Action\Context $context
     * @param \Magento\Catalog\Model\ImageUploader $imageUploader
    public function __construct(
        \Magento\Backend\App\Action\Context $context,
        \Magento\Catalog\Model\ImageUploader $imageUploader
    ) {
        $this->imageUploader = $imageUploader;

   public function execute() {
        try {
            $result = $this->imageUploader->saveFileToTmpDir('thumbnail');
            $result['cookie'] = [
                'name' => $this->_getSession()->getName(),
                'value' => $this->_getSession()->getSessionId(),
                'lifetime' => $this->_getSession()->getCookieLifetime(),
                'path' => $this->_getSession()->getCookiePath(),
                'domain' => $this->_getSession()->getCookieDomain(),
        } catch (\Exception $e) {
            $result = ['error' => $e->getMessage(), 'errorcode' => $e->getCode()];
        return $this->resultFactory->create(ResultFactory::TYPE_JSON)->setData($result);

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you need to add this in the di.xml of your module.

<type name="Company\Categorylist\Controller\Adminhtml\Category\Thumbnailimage\Upload">
        <argument name="imageUploader" xsi:type="object">Magento\Catalog\CategoryImageUpload</argument>

this is needed because the dependency of your controller called imageUploader is an instance of \Magento\Catalog\Model\ImageUploader. This is just a general class for upload that does not have the base path and base tmp path set. So it does not know where to upload the files.
But in the etc/di.xml file of the catalog module you have this virtual type defined:

<virtualType name="Magento\Catalog\CategoryImageUpload" type="Magento\Catalog\Model\ImageUploader">
        <argument name="baseTmpPath" xsi:type="string">catalog/tmp/category</argument>
        <argument name="basePath" xsi:type="string">catalog/category</argument>
        <argument name="allowedExtensions" xsi:type="array">
            <item name="jpg" xsi:type="string">jpg</item>
            <item name="jpeg" xsi:type="string">jpeg</item>
            <item name="gif" xsi:type="string">gif</item>
            <item name="png" xsi:type="string">png</item>

This means that Magento\Catalog\CategoryImageUpload class does not actually exist, but when this is used you will actually use an instance of the class you are expecting Magento\Catalog\Model\ImageUploader but it has the required member vars (basePath, baseTmpPath and allowedExtensions) already set.

  • marius, i have directly pastebin.com/Qn8dX3Zz add the code at vendor/magento/module-catalog/view/adminhtml/ui_component/category_form.xml and getting the error The file was not uploaded. error
    – Amit Bera
    Commented Oct 6, 2016 at 12:59
  • why i getting this error
    – Amit Bera
    Commented Oct 6, 2016 at 12:59
  • maybe because the file was not uploaded? I don't know exactly why
    – Marius
    Commented Oct 6, 2016 at 13:17
  • Hi, @Marius. After saving category image not display in position. Commented Mar 6, 2017 at 14:16
  • Check this out: belvg.com/blog/… Commented Jul 13, 2017 at 10:45

Please check this issue on github category image attribute issue


If you want to create you own $baseTmpPath and $basePath, then you gonna need to do this after @Marius solution.
Put this in your Upload.php

public function execute()
    $imageId = $this->_request->getParam('param_name', 'image');

    try {
// some code ...

For example: Aht_BannerSlider is my module name.
Thanks @Marius

  • After saving the model, image save in Aht_BannerSlider/images path? Commented Sep 3, 2020 at 6:45
  • i think so, its a long time since i posted this answer, so you can try by your own. :)
    – fudu
    Commented Sep 3, 2020 at 10:14
  • It is save in Aht_BannerSlider/tmp/images path while upload image. But not save to Aht_BannerSlider/images path. Commented Sep 3, 2020 at 10:28

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