which core files (controller,model and resource files) specifically needs to be edited to add check-boxes on layered navigation in the filter block in Magento.

What I have done till now is that I have added check-boxes and a JavaScript file which extracts ids of the products and then sends them via GET parameter to the controller.

I am not able to proceed beyond this since I am new Developer and do not know how is the controll passed and handled.

so, I want to know which all files do I need to override to make this feature functional?

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  1. Log into admin panel and go to System > Configuration

  2. Select the Main website or your current store as Current Configuration Scope

  3. Select Developer tab under ADVANCED section

  4. Click on debug section and set Template Path Hints to yes and Add Block Names to Hints to yes

  5. Refresh the cache ( go to System > Cache Management )

  6. Refresh the front-end

  7. Now you'll see the relevant files to be overridden


in this file all code make as ul li tag you have to just add checkbox on before that link display it's very simple task.

For that three .phtml files is use , the path is:


1) filter.phtml

2) state.phtml

3) view.phtml

you have to change the checkbox code in this 3 files

Make sure that this is in base folder but you have to copy this files in theme folder and do changes.

  • Athough the solution suggested is good, but i am not able to keep the filter on page as i select any one from them. On selecting any filter it moves to the state Block. So, what do i do to keep it from moving to the state? Jan 13, 2014 at 6:35

I override the code: app\design\frontend\base\default\template\catalog\layer\filter.phtml

Please check my code in github:


Thank you

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