Out of curiosity, I was going through the captcha module of M2 and I noticed this interesting code in Magento/Captcha/Helper/Data.php

public function getCaptcha($formId)
    if (!array_key_exists($formId, $this->_captcha)) {
        $captchaType = ucfirst($this->getConfig('type'));
         if (!$captchaType) {
             $captchaType = self::DEFAULT_CAPTCHA_TYPE;
          } elseif ($captchaType == 'Default') {
               $captchaType = $captchaType . 'Model';
          $this->_captcha[$formId] = $this->_factory->create($captchaType, $formId);
    return $this->_captcha[$formId];

So that code seems pretty clear to me. Magento 2 is shipped with a default captcha with the associated model being Magento/Captcha/Model/DefaultModel

That model implements the Magento/Captcha/Model/CaptchaInterface with the following methods:

public function generate();
public function isCorrect($word);
public function getBlockName();

I can see that the dev team made the code flexible enough to implement your own captcha type which is great.

So I assume that if one wants to implement its own type of captcha he will have to create a captcha model that implements that interface.

My question is: apart from the model creation, what do we need to do to implement a custom captcha type (specially in terms of configuration, pretty sure there's some XML going on here I was expecting a captcha.xml to sit somewhere but there's none)

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