I'm getting the following error:

Warning: include(Mage/Afe/Custmail/Helper/Data.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

I've been searching for the cause of this error for hours.

Here is the config.xml

<?xml version="1.0"?>
                <custom_order_tpl module="Afe_Custmail">
                    <label>Status Mail Invoice</label>

Here is the Data.php located in app/code/local/Afe/Custmail/Helper/

class Afe_Custmail_Helper_Data extends Mage_Core_Helper_Abstract {

Here is the Observer.php located in app/code/local/Afe/Custmail/Model/

class Afe_Custmail_Model_Observer
    public function invoicedStatusChange($event)
        $order = $event->getOrder();
        $orderStatus = $order->getStatus();
        if ($order->getState() == Mage_Sales_Model_Order::STATE_CANCELED)

    private  function _sendStatusMail($order)
        $emailTemplate  = Mage::getModel('core/email_template');

        $emailTemplate->setTemplateSubject('Your order was holded');

        // Get General email address (Admin->Configuration->General->Store Email Addresses)
        $salesData['email'] = Mage::getStoreConfig('trans_email/ident_general/email');
        $salesData['name'] = Mage::getStoreConfig('trans_email/ident_general/name');


        $emailTemplateVariables['username']  = $order->getCustomerFirstname() . ' ' . $order->getCustomerLastname();
        $emailTemplateVariables['order_id'] = $order->getIncrementId();
        $emailTemplateVariables['store_name'] = $order->getStoreName();
        $emailTemplateVariables['store_url'] = Mage::getBaseUrl(Mage_Core_Model_Store::URL_TYPE_WEB);
        $emailTemplate->send($order->getCustomerEmail(), $order->getStoreName(), $emailTemplateVariables);

Here is the Afe_Custmail.xml located in app/etc/modules/

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

That's the whole thing. It works at sending emails so it is registered but when I go to Transactional Emails > Add New Template I get the Helper not found. I've tried every conceivable combination of configuration adjustments i.e. relocating the position of the <helpers> changing the <custmail> to <afe_custmail> adding _Data to the end of <class>Afe_Custmail_Helper</class> nothing works so far. The compiler is not enabled also. I'm very curious why it's giving he error. I'm not sure what a Helper is supposed to do but it's not helping!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • Sanity check: have you cleared your cache? – Robbie Averill Jul 30 '16 at 0:41
  • Yes, I even rename the var/cache to cache.disabled and Magento had to create a new one. Then I reverted back after it still didn't work. – Freejoy Jul 30 '16 at 0:45

It's probably this part:

<custom_order_tpl module="Afe_Custmail">

This will probably be looking for a helper under that vendor namespace for translation, ie Afe_Custmail/data.

Try changing it to your helper alias:


Make sure you clear your cache after changing XML configuration.

  • You got it. Don't know why it worked but it does. The Edit Email Template section is blank except for one empty input field. I guess that's because I don't have the config for those or maybe some Helpers to load the email temple. Thanks – Freejoy Jul 30 '16 at 1:02
  • I don't get the error but I can't load any templates. Just a empty Load default template Template * field. What would cause that? – Freejoy Jul 30 '16 at 1:09
  • Nevermind it was a stray leftover echo hello i put in the helper earlier. – Freejoy Jul 30 '16 at 1:11

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