Does magento 2 support PayPal IPN? I cannot find any document mentioned about it.


Yes Magento 2 support PayPal IPN (see CHANGELOG).

Payment improvements:

Implemented support of PayPal IPN protocol HTTP 1.1

Post back to PayPal to check whether this request is a valid one.


protected function _postBack()
    /*** Code 

    if (empty($postbackResult) || in_array($responseCode, ['500', '502', '503'])) {
        if (empty($postbackResult)) {
            $reason = 'Empty response.';
        } else {
            $reason = 'Response code: ' . $responseCode . '.';
        $this->_debugData['exception'] = 'PayPal IPN postback failure. ' . $reason;
        throw new RemoteServiceUnavailableException(__($reason));
    /*** Code 

    if ($response != 'VERIFIED') {
        $this->_addDebugData('postback', $postbackQuery);
        $this->_addDebugData('postback_result', $postbackResult);
        throw new \Exception('PayPal IPN postback failure. See system.log for details.');


Hope this answer is useful.

  • Is there any log in Magento that I can check if the IPN has been received successfully? – Paul Jul 29 '16 at 7:49

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