Magento 2: How to set first image of product slider after cancel or exit fullscreen popup of image slider.

By default its display current selected image after exit popup in detail page. I have to display first image of slider which is default image after page load.

Any help would be appericiated.


You can do this by extending the mage/gallery/gallery js module and then calling your JS in the template rather than the core gallery.js file.

Selecting the first element after closing an image can be done like so:

], function ($, Gallery) {
    'use strict';

    return Gallery.extend({

        initFullscreenSettings: function () {
            var settings = this.settings,
                self = this;


            settings.$gallery.on('fotorama:fullscreenexit', function () {
                settings.focusableStart.attr('tabindex', '-1');
                settings.focusableEnd.attr('tabindex', '-1');
                settings.api.updateOptions(settings.defaultConfig.options, true);
                settings.focusableStart.unbind('focusin', this._focusSwitcher);
                settings.focusableEnd.unbind('focusin', this._focusSwitcher);

                if (!_.isEqual(settings.activeBreakpoint, {}) && settings.breakpoints) {
                    settings.api.updateOptions(settings.activeBreakpoint.options, true);
                settings.isFullscreen = false;
                    swipe: true

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