Whenever I try to save a category I get The value of attribute "is_new" must be set. How can I solve that?


Another option is setting 'empty' default value - ' '. Then there is no exception, but this default value as empty is set in db.

Should be treated as bug in my opinion - github issue


The value of attribute "is_new" must be set. to resolve this error remove required option from database . Go to your database in phpmyadmin and select eav_attribute table . Search "is_new" in this table and set is_required to 0(zero). then try to add new category .


Working solution: Magento 2.2.3

Go to table "eav_attribute": find line attribute code "is new" and edit:

  1. mark "is required" to: 0

  2. under "default value" text, uncheck the check box and set (write in) the field box: 0

Must work

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