I add custom field to admin order form and I want it to be updated with ajax when admin add products to order, like other areas - shipping, billing and totals. I inspected file \vendor\magento\module-sales\view\adminhtml\web\order\create\scripts.js. There is a function

productGridAddSelected : function(){
        if(this.productGridShowButton) Element.show(this.productGridShowButton);
        var area = ['search', 'items', 'shipping_method', 'totals', 'giftmessage','billing_method'];

When I add my custom area name to it, like this, it works!

var area = ['custom_area', 'search', 'items', 'shipping_method','totals', 'giftmessage','billing_method'];....

But this is core file, so I need to do this somehow in my module. Any ideas how can I do this?

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I ended up adding this js script to my html block template

if (typeof(order) != 'undefined') {
   order.prepareArea = function(area) {
        if (this.giftMessageDataChanged) {
            return area.without('giftmessage');
        if(order.getAreaId('store_credit')) area.push("store_credit");
        return area;

So basically I rewrite prepareArea function from AdminOrder class and add here my area. That's it

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