We have an extension that creates a bundle discount in the user's shopping cart. This is an overall discount, not a discount on the item level. On the product page, it shows buy x with y and save $40. If a user hits add to cart, it adds both items, but only signifies the discount in the grand total area.

Cart with Bundle Discount

However, the customer is allowed to still put in a discount code that would further discount the total value. While there isn't an option to stop further rules processing in the extension, I don't want to do that anyway so the customer can still discount items not part of the bundle.

Cart with Bundle Discount and Discount Code

That being said, is there a way to apply whichever discount is greater between the two? For instance, if the Bundle Discount was $100 and the Discount Code was $80, it would only keep the Bundle Discount. If the Discount Code was $100 and the Bundle Discount was $80, it would remove the Bundle Discount and APPLY the discount code.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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