How can I force Magento to use E-Mail templates from the local language package in app/locale/.../template/email/ instead from the database?

I opened one template in the backend in System -> Transactional E-Mail and made some changes which already worked but the content was saved into database in the table core_email_template. I would like to modify the html file instead.


I've come up with the solution I want:

My problem was I've installed a local language pack which has generated several custom E-Mails. These E-Mails were stored in the database. I simply had to change the used E-Mail in the specific setting in the backend.

For example in System -> Customers -> Customer Configuration -> Create New Account Options I've changed the option Default Welcome Email to New account (Default Template from local).

This option (Default Template from local) will use the templates from the directory magento/app/locale/.../template/email and not from the database.

As addition I've followed the guide and installed the plugin from https://www.yireo.com/tutorials/magento/magento-theming/1670-customizing-magento-email-templates

So I simply can copy the templates to my own theme.

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