I have a challenge where we have multiple modules + the core that builds URL Keys. From time to time duplicate URLs are created. Therefore I have been told there is a way to prioritise by module which URL Keys to use.

For example. I have the Amasty Improved Navigation & Landing Pages modules. On the improved navigation I have enabled the SEO urls. I have an attribute called "Gloves", so this has automatically created the URL /gloves.html. However I have decided that gloves is a strong keyword for us and I have built out the page /gloves.html using the Landing Pages module. So the challenege is that by default magento is selecting the Improved Navigation page, where I would like it to select the Landing Pages page.

I have been told there is a way to create a config file to prioritise modules in this way, but cannot find any documenation on it. Please can someone give some advise.

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