I have recently imported with a .csv file with some products to a newly created category (created the category first), and the URL has a number appended to it like:


When I delete the number in the address bar, I get redirected to a different sub-category.

I've been reading about rewrite urls and truncating databases and other scary sounding stuff, but those seems to mostly relate to the products. When selecting a product from the category, it redirects to the product page with a URL like:


Using Magento

What exactly is going on here? Would it most likely be a problem with my import? Or the order in which I did things?

I would like to get rid of the number without having to do another import and re-adding the images.

Thank you.


1) Would need to reindexing properly.

2) Url_Rewrite table need to empty but backup the table first then again also reindexing.

Hope this will be work.


It generally happens when there is another same URL before adding or editing this new category (or product). If there exists any URL, then magento adds a random number after the URL of category (or product) which is being added or edited.

It may happen that you had added a category (or product) with same name previously and deleted it, but URL rewrite exists.

To fix this, you need to take backup of core_url_rewrite table (if there are custom url rewrites also), truncate this table and reindex from System > Index Management.

Please let me know if you find any problem.

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