In robots.txt can be only one directive host. How right use directive host in robots.txt in magento multisite configuration with many domains?

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Create the necessary re-write rule so that any request to the robots.txt file in the domain root is deferred to a custom request handler, for e.g. robots.php in the document root of your Magento installation.

Now, create the request handler robots.php file in the document root of your Magento installation dir:

/home/www-data/public_html/robots.php Add the following code:


// Parse robots file location using server name
$server_name = 
    : 'default';
$robots_file = getcwd() .'/robots/'. $server_name .'/robots.txt';

// Check if robot file exists for current domain, else default
$robots_file = 
    ? $robots_file 
    : getcwd() .'/robots/default/robots.txt';

// Serve robots file
header("Content-Type: text/plain");
header("Content-Length: ". filesize($robots_file));
exit; ?>

Check out this link for more details - How to serve robots.txt file for multi-store Magento setup

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