I'm uploading images labels using a CSV file contains the following columns (store,sku,image_label,small_image_label,thumbnail_label) and that's worked perfectly.

The problem is when i have a product contains many images,Only the main image label is changed.But the rest of images labels is not changed.Is there anything i must change in the CSV file to apply labels to all products images?



This answer is taken from a blogpost by avstudnitz

Importing product images has only been possible since Magento versions 1.6 (CE) and 1.11. The images that are to be imported need to be available in the media/import folder. The corresponding rows of the import file need to look like this:

    sku | _media_image | _media_attribute_id | _media_is_disabled | _media_position | _media_lable | image    | small_image | thumbnail
1234567 |     img1.jpg |                  77 |                  1 |               1 |      Image 1 | img1.jpg |    img2.jpg |  img2.jpg
        |     Img2.jpg |                  77 |                  0 |               2 |      Image 2 |        
        |     Img3.jpg |                  77 |                  0 |               3 |      Image 3 |

Some annotations:

  • The file name of the image that is to be imported is listed in the _media_image column.
  • The _media_attribute_id column required the ID of the product attribute “image_gallery”. It can be obtained either from the admin panel or your custom modules using the expression Mage::getSingleton(‘catalog/product’)-getResource()->getAttribute(‘media_gallery’)->getAttributeId();

  • The typing error _media_lable is intentional and hard-wired into Magento

  • In the image,small_image, and thumbnail columns, the first row contains the file names of the according main images.
  • Unfortunately, existing images can not be deleted using the module.
  • Thanks for the answer.But i didn't get your conclusion.Can i upload the rest images labels? – Abdullah Jul 12 '16 at 10:01
  • I thought I answered that, you need extra rows under the first row like for Img2.jpg and Img3.jpg with _media_image, _media_attribute_id, _media_is_disabled, _media_position, _media_lable set. Note the mis-spelling of label – Richard Jul 12 '16 at 10:03

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