In Magento 1 we define the getOrderPlaceRedirectUrl in the model which extends Mage_Payment_Model_Method_Abstract and redirect to a particular controller after checkout submit. Then from the controller we call $this->getResponse()->setBody($this->getLayout()->createBlock('someblock')->toHtml()) and inside the block we create a form with post data and redirect to a 3rd party payment gateway.

In Magento 2 i heard that getOrderPlaceRedirectUrl is not available and i'm unable to understand how it is handled. Can someone please guide me to achieve the above scenario in Magento 2.1?

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In Magento 2 you have to create custom JavaScript component responsible for redirect to a Payment Provider. So how it works in Magento 2.

Custom redirect.html template with "Place Order" button should be created This template is controlled by a redirect.js JavaScript component with afterPlaceOrder function inside which you can send HTTP GET request to your custom controller which will return parameters required for sending HTTP POST request to a payment gateway.

afterPlaceOrder: function () {
    var self = this;
        .done(function (response) {
        }).fail(function (response) {
            errorProcessor.process(response, self.messageContainer);
        }).always(function () {

The config.getDataUrl() is custom controller URL. Here you do implement 2 different ways of POST parameters preparation. URL can be prepared from backend side and provided to a frontend by implementing the \Magento\Checkout\Model\ConfigProviderInterface::getConfig() method.

Return key => value array of parameters as a response. The formBuilder(response).submit() will foreach parameters and prepare form which will be submitted to a payment provider as post.

var formTmpl =
    '<form action="<%= data.action %>" method="POST" hidden enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded">' +
    '<% _.each(data.fields, function(val, key){ %>' +
    '<input value="<%= val %>" name="<%= key %>" type="hidden">' +
    '<% }); %>' +

return function (response) {
    var inputs = {};
    for (var index in response.fields) {
        inputs[response.fields[index]] = response.values[index]
    var hiddenFormTmpl = mageTemplate(formTmpl);
    var tmpl = hiddenFormTmpl({
        data: {
            action: response.action,
            fields: inputs
    return $(tmpl).appendTo($('[data-container="body"]'));

Render form wrapped in a <html><body><form/></body></html> on backend side using Block and *.phtml file with inline JavaScript inside the response. Once retrieved, JavaScript will trigger redirect. It is less recommended way but might be less time consuming.


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