I am new to magento. Before the question, my background:

  1. I have some previous experience in php. I have developed a small e-commerce site for food ordering as part of my course project. (but I have used procedural method for the same)

  2. I know the fundamentals of OOPS concepts. I have programming experience in c++ and java.

  3. I know html5, css3 and js and have done some projects in them too.

  4. I installed magento CE 2.1 in ubuntu 15.10 LAMP. I am using the Magento_Community_Edition_2.0_User_Guide to learn the basics.

I want to learn magento from 2 perspectives:

a. website owner

b. developer

i.e. I need to be able to setup an online store, run it and make customization in the front end and in functionality.

My questions:

A. Is an in-depth understanding of php OOPS and development experience required for this? Do you suggest learning this before looking at learning magento from a developer's perspective?

B. To learn magento from a store owner's perspective what leaning resources are available and what approach is suitable?

C. To learn magento from a developer's perspective what leaning resources are available and what approach is suitable?

D. Do I have to study about the previous versions of magento(1.x)?

If I have missed any core subjects please edit this question or include them in your answer.


First thing, to learn Magento 2.x you don't need to learn magento 1.x.

To learn Magento 2.x, some of the best places are:

Apart from these, have an eye at Magento2 stack exchange

Some more helpful links are: http://alanstorm.com/category/magento-2