I want to send email using SMTP in Magento2 I tried following code

 public function execute()

      $smtpHost = '***.*****.***';
      $to = 'email.com' ? 'email.com' : 'test';
    $smtpConf = array(
        'auth' => 'login',
        'port' => '25',
        'ssl' => 'tls', 
        'username' => 'email.com',
        'password' => '123456'
    $transport = new \Zend_Mail_Transport_Smtp($smtpHost, $smtpConf);
    $from = trim('email@gmai;l.com');
    $mail = new \Zend_Mail();
    $mail->setFrom($from, 'test');
    $mail->addTo($to, $to);
    $mail->setSubject('Hello from MagePal');
    $mail->setBodyText('Thank you for choosing MagePal extension.');
    $result = __('Sent... Please check your email') . ' ' . $to;
    try {
        //only way to prevent zend from giving a error
        if (!$mail->send($transport) instanceof \Zend_Mail){echo $result;}
    } catch (\Exception $e) {
      echo   $result = __($e->getMessage());


And its working but I want to call transcriptional template how I can call? I have create 1 email template in admin with id 2.

Please let me know how I can call transcriptional email template of SMTP emails.


\Magento\Framework\Mail\Template\TransportBuilder is what you need here.

So add a constructor to your class where you inject your dependency:

  private $_transportBuilder;

  public function __construct( 

   \Magento\Framework\Mail\Template\TransportBuilder $transportBuilder

    $this->_transportBuilder = $transportBuilder;

And then don't use Zend_Mail, generate your template in a separate method:

public function generateTemplate($emailTemplateVariables,$senderInfo,$receiverInfo)
    $template =  $this->_transportBuilder->setTemplateIdentifier($this->temp_id)
                    'area' => \Magento\Framework\App\Area::AREA_FRONTEND, /* here you can defile area and
                                                                             store of template for which you prepare it */
                    'store' => $this->_storeManager->getStore()->getId(),
    return $this;        

and call it in your execute method:




  • Hi It is not working for me:( Can you please explain me how I can send it with SMTP class object? – konika Jul 11 '16 at 9:47

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