Can someone explain me what the following code says in product-media.js :

 getCompatibleProductImages: function(productFallback, selectedLabels) {
        //find compatible products
        var compatibleProducts = [];
        var compatibleProductSets = [];
        selectedLabels.each(function(selectedLabel) {
            if(!productFallback['option_labels'][selectedLabel]) {

            var optionProducts = productFallback['option_labels'][selectedLabel]['products'];

            //optimistically push all products
            optionProducts.each(function(productId) {

        //intersect compatible products
        compatibleProductSets.each(function(productSet) {
            compatibleProducts = ConfigurableMediaImages.arrayIntersect(compatibleProducts, productSet);

        return compatibleProducts;

What does the compatible products & intersect compatible products mean in above code? please someone explain me clearly.

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