I have 2 websites,
UK - Currency £ and
DE - Currency EURO.

All the prices on the DE website convert correctly into EUROs as expected.

When I get to the chechout, everything is in EURO except for the final payment amount which is showing in £ and when it goes to paypal or HSBC it passes across the value in £ instead of EURO!

enter image description here

I guess I am missing a setting somewhere??? Where else should I be looking for this setting?

Configuration > Currency is set correct for each website.


I got your problem and I think that the key issue is setting up base currency for each store view

According to your above description, it can be said that Magento does not support you to checkout with store view currency (check out with Euro in DE). Therefore, when you go to checkout, the final currency to pay is displayed in £. To solve this drawback, you can try an extension to help you set up base currency for it.

For example: an extension on Magento Connect


This extension can allow setting base currency for each store view easily, therefore, after making adjustments in the backend, you can absolutely checkout with store view currency.

=> In your case, you set up base currency for DE store view as Euro and then you can checkout with Euro, not with £

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