I need to send a customer comment, with selected magento shipping method. How can I do that.

I made a module to override available.phtml file, where shipping methods are listed out. I can put a textbox there too. But how can I took its value along with the shipping description? Where should I make changes.

Any help will be appreciated. I am a newbie to Magento.


Steps to your goal would be:

  • create a extension base
  • create a setup script that adds comment variable to shipping object , to quote or to order
  • create a template and append this to proper place with xml layout rules
  • create a event observer and observe the shipping method save or checkout save event (depends where you reference your template)
  • and in this observer check if your extension is active and your from field has the value and save or set it to appropriate object
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This may help : https://github.com/drewhunter/ShipNote

This extension provides a way for customers to notify store owners of any special shipping requirements during the checkout process on both front and back end orders.

Since you want to learn magento (?) I would suggest you have a look at the code, and learn from it, as it does what you need to do :)

ps: I have not used this extension myself.

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