I've started working through some practice material for the Magento Certified Developer exam, and one of the questions that I ran into, and that I am still not sure about (I'm struggling to find material about this specific subject) is this:

For an attribute to be loaded on a catalog/product object, which two of the following conditions
must be satisfied? (Choose two)

A. The eav_attribute table must contain a row defining the attribute's properties and its entity type.
B. The attribute must have a backend model configured in the XML config.
C. The attribute must be part of the attribute set pertaining to the object being loaded.
D. There must be a record of the attribute on the catalog_product_super_atti:ibute table.
E. There must be a column added to the catalog_product_entity table.

My answers are A and C, is this right? If not, what is right, and why?


The right answers are indeed A and C.

  • B is wrong because an attribute does not necessarily have a backend model configured in the XML configuration.
  • D is wrong because the catalog_product_super_attribute table is only related to the configurable products attributes.
  • E is wrong because the EAV system does not add extra columns to flat tables, it adds rows to the EAV tables to handle attributes relations.
  • Thanks Raphael! I am trying to study for the exam, I have already found some very informative posts on here for study material - do you have anything specific you would suggest I look at? ( I will mark your answer as accepted as soon as it lets me)
    – Skytiger
    Jul 5 '16 at 11:38
  • @Skytiger well apart from the study guide provided on the official magento website I don't have anything else to suggest, it covers all of it Jul 5 '16 at 11:47

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